BA_MaCS Marketing Communications Structure

Vysoká škola finanční a správní
léto 2025
2/1/0. 16 hodin KS/semestr. 6 kr. Ukončení: zk.
Kristina Lenkova, Ph.D.
Sekce managementu a marketingu (FES, KEM) – Katedra ekonomie a managementu (FES, KEM) – Katedry – Vysoká škola finanční a správní
Kontaktní osoba: Dita Egertová
There are no prerequisites for this course.
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This course will address the importance of gaining a substantial knowledge concerning the targeted customers, in particular their behavior and psychology as determinants of their decision-makings. This, on the other hand provides the marketers with hints about the marketing tools to be used, so that to construct an effective marketing communication impacting the customers' purchasing decisions. Thus, this course aims to provide students with comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of the main concepts, strategies and tools needed to design and implement the appropriate communication approach. The course will also look at the less popular, but still gaining popularity, new communication approaches, as well as will address marketing communication conducted via advertising campaigns on an international scale. Throughout the practical exercises and task/project presentations, the students should be helped to improve their writing, presentation, and advertising skills.
Výstupy z učení
Upon completion of the course the students should: - be able to assess and evaluate message strategies and campaigns - consider and suggest best communication mix for a given product/service considering the particular phase of its life-cycle/ - be competent to be on board for organizing a marketing campaign - evaluate communication tools and media channels used withing an advertising campaign - critically discuss and suggest corrective steps on communication
  • WEEK 1. Communication theories and models Evolution of Communication Theories; The Basic Model of Communication; Different types of communication - Dyadic Communication, Mass Communication, WOM, Group Communication WEEK 2. Consumer's Behavior and Consumer's Purchasing Decision Making The hierarchy of needs - Maslow's pyramid; The Importance of the Consumer's Behavior for Marketers; The phases of the consumers' purchasing decision process; Consumer's behavior and Consumer's Purchasing Decision Making within B2B Segment WEEK 3. The Principles of marketing communication The Steps in the Process of Effective Marketing Communication and Approaches How to Prepare Them in a Way for Achieving a Maximum Impact; Models of the Response Process and the Difference Among Them (Types of Marketing/Sales Funnels); What is the Importance of Those Models for Communication & Sales Strategies of the Businesses Week 4. Source, Message and Planning Factors The Needed Steps for an Effective Promotional Planning; Description of the Characteristics of the Promotion Source; Promotional Message Strategies; The Advertising Appeals and Their Role and Effect in the Marketing Communication WEEK 5. Content of Marketing Communication Research on Content Preparation; Structure of the Content; Content scenario; Audio and Video content; Call for Action WEEK 6. Media Planning and Strategy Basic Terms and Concepts, Developing the Media Plan; Developing and Implementing Media Strategies WEEK 7. Evaluation of Broadcast Media - TV, Print, Radio, Digital Marketing Advantages and Disadvantages of the Mentioned Media; Media Buying Process; The Role of the Separate Media into the Marketing Communication WEEK 8. The Role of Support Media in Communication The Scope of Support Media Industry - Traditional & Nontraditional Support Media; Measurement, Advantages and Disadvantages WEEK 9. The Digital Disruption and its Effect on Communication WOM, Viral Content Marketing, Experiential Marketing Content, Personalized Marketing Content WEEK 10. New Methods in Marketing Communication Communicating via AI, Augmented and Virtual Reality WEEK 11.Managing Marketing Communication in a Global Economy The Importance of International Markets, Global vs Local Advertising; The Roles of the Elements of the Communication Mix in International Advertising WEEK 12. Meeting with the Expert - A Guest Speaker or a Visit to an Advertising Agency
    povinná literatura
  • BELCH, George E. a Michael A. BELCH. ADVERTISING & PROMOTION: AN INTEGRATED MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS PERSPECTIVE,. 11. vyd. New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2018. ISBN 978-1-259-54814-7.
  • CLOW, K.E. a BAACK, D. Integrated advertising, promotion, and marketing communications. Seventh edition. Boston: Pearson, [2016], ©2016. 496 stran. Global edition. ISBN 978-1-292-09363-5 -54$
  • BLAKEMAN,R.:Integrated Marketing Communication : Creative Strategy From Idea to Implementation.2nd ed.Lanham:Rowman and Littlefield Publishers,2014.ISBN 9781442221215.
  • KOTLER, Philip et al. Principles of Marketing. 17. vyd. Harlow: Pearson, 2020. ISBN 978-1-292-26960-3.
    doporučená literatura
  • PRIDE,W.M.-FERRELL,O.C.:Marketing.2016 ed.Boston: Cengage Learning,2016.ISBN 978-1-285-85834-0.
Výukové metody
The course consists of interactive lectures, backed up with exercises where the students can test their understanding of the theoretical foundation into practice. They will be able to demonstrate their understanding through the submission and presentation of task solutions which will be summarized in two major presentations.
Metody hodnocení
The grade will be structured as follows: 20% Class attendance and participation within the projects' tasks preparation and presentation, 20% Presentation 1, 20% Presentation 2, 40% Final Exam GRADING SCALE: A 100-90 B 89-80 C 79-70 D 69-60 E 59 - 50 F - Below 50
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Most of the required literature is available via e-library in VŠFS internal system in the folder Libraries. But all the necessary information and notes are available in IS/Study Materials/
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