• 1.What is the interactive syllabus and where can I find it?
    The interactive syllabus is a Web page to which a teacher has uploaded some study-related materials. These, falling into the category of e-learning tools, often have the form of various exercises, questionnaires, homework vaults, and other utilities facilitating the communication between him/her and his/her students.

    Apart from organizing them into an interactive syllabus, which gives them a logical and chronological structure, the teacher can also use them separately. Provided your teacher has compiled an interactive syllabus for you, you can find it using the following path:

    The Information System Student [course]

    1 Link to en interactive syllabi.


    The Information System Teaching Study Materials

    1 Link to en interactive syllabi in Study Materials.

  • 2.How do I navigate in the interactive syllabus?
    The interactive syllabus is divided into chapters – each chapter contains, for example, a work plan for a certain week or a specific topic. The chapter can be expanded by clicking on the title bar.

    1 The name of the interactive syllabi.

    2 The interactive syllabi navigatioin and indication that the student has (un)read the chapter.

    3 List of activities within the chapter.

    4 Student progress in the interactive syllabi.

    5 When the teacher recommends studying.

    6 Menu of the operations with interactive syllabi.

    To navigate, you can use the right column showing the structure of the entire interactive syllabi, or scroll through it using the blue arrows at the bottom of the interactive syllabi.

    1 The content and activities in the studied chapter.

    2 The interactive syllabi navigation between chapters.

    3 The interactive syllabi navigation.

    4 Student progress in the interactive syllabi.

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