BA_BPMC_2 Bachelor Project MC 2

Vysoká škola finanční a správní
léto 2016
0. 9 kr. Ukončení: z.
PhDr. Karel Eliáš, CSc.
Sekce managementu a marketingu (FES, KEM) – Katedra ekonomie a managementu (FES, KEM) – Katedry – Vysoká škola finanční a správní
Kontaktní osoba: Bc. Jan Peterec
BA_BPMC_1 Bachelor Project MC 1
The requirement for the completion of this course is completion of the course BA_BPMC_1.
Omezení zápisu do předmětu
Předmět je otevřen studentům libovolného oboru.
Cíle předmětu
Bachelor thesis demonstrates the orientation of the author in his branch, respectively. direction and its active ability to apply the corresponding range of knowledge and chosen methods of scientific inquiry in the creation of an academic text. Level of work also demonstrates how the student has mastered the way academic writing and ability to work with scientific literature and other sources, including foreign languages​​, and basic ethics and creative work. The aim of the course is for the student during the spring semester of the highest quality and completed the text worked out in all parts of the work and the time the final work submitted to an opposition procedure for defense in the final state examination.
  • 1. Application part - drawing text, including references to the bibliography and other sources and Attachments (tables, graphs, summaries, image formats, etc.). • 2. Drawing conclusions in the structure and scope according to the methodology. • 3. Final revision and proofreading the text. • 4. Completion of Bachelor thesis as a complete work and submit to the thesis supervizor.
    povinná literatura
  • Bachelor and Master Theses at VSFS. Chancellor’s Decision No. 66/2009. Prague: VSFS 2009
  • Methodological Instruction of the Vice Chancellor for Education No. 9/2009. Prague: VSFS 2009. including attachments
    doporučená literatura
  • Decision on Quality Guarantee of Bachelor and Master Theses’ Opposition Procedure. Chancellor’s Decision No. 60/2009. Prague: VSFS 2009.
  • Ramage, J. D., Bean, J. C., & Johnson, J. (2006). The Allyn & Bacon guide to writing: Concise edition.(4th ed.). New York: Longman Publishers.
Výukové metody
Teaching takes the form of individual consultations with the head of BT. The scope of compulsory participation in education - minimum participation is mandatory for 4 individual consultations with the head of BT (according to schedule consultations with the supervisor).
Metody hodnocení
The course is concluded with a credit, which grants the thesis supervizor (based on a minimum of 4 individual consultations submitting, copy to the Archive in IS). Content to individual consultation with thesis supervizor during the semester evaluation of the results of independent work by the author to the focus of the successive steps necessary for completion of the thesis according to the syllabus and schedule consultations with the supervisor.
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