BA_PrSk Presentation Skills

Vysoká škola finanční a správní
zima 2023
0/2/0. 12 hodin KS/semestr. 3 kr. Doporučované ukončení: z. Jiná možná ukončení: zk.
Mgr. Iva Baslarová, Ph.D.
Katedra marketingové komunikace (FES) - Katedry - Vysoká škola finanční a správní
Kontaktní osoba: Bc. Kamila Procházková
There are no prerequisites for this course.
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Předmět je otevřen studentům libovolného oboru.
Cíle předmětu
Course objectives: 1.Mastering professional and technical English language. 2.Systematic improvement of knowledge, skills and language habits from the viewpoint of language tools (phonetics, orthography, vocabulary and grammar) as well as language functions (both receptive and productive skills) with a special focus on presenting skills. 3.Semantic and functional focus: monitoring authentic language of presentations + mastering key phrases used in presenting economic and marketing English topics fluently and spontaneously. The course objectives are valid for part-time students as well.
Výstupy z učení
On completion of this course, learners will be able and understand how to: 1. Speak effectively to groups of any size. 2. Use body language to enhance messages. 3. Conquer stage fright, nervousness and anxiety. 4. Structure the content of presentations. 5. Master signposting language. 6. Use the technique of effective presentation openings. 7. Use the storytelling technique. 8. How to employ visual aids. 9. How to describe graphs effectively. 10. Master the art of being persuasive. 11. Handle Q & A and difficult audience members.
  • 1 Getting started; Psychological aspects of presenting; Getting over your fears; Body language;
    2 Introductions; Stating your purpose; Practical exercises
    3 Presentation structure; Practical exercises
    4 Effective openings; Practical exercises
    5 Signposting; Practical exercises
    6 Exploiting visuals; Practical exercises
    7 Facts and figures; Practical exercises
    8 Tripling 1; Storytelling; Practical exercises
    9 Dealing with questions; Practical exercises
    10 Machine-gunning; Practical exercises
    11 Dramatic contrasts; Presentation closings; Practical exercises; Students' presentations
    12 Students’ Presentations and evaluation
    povinná literatura
  • POWELL, Mark. Presenting in English: how to give successful presentations. Andover: Heinle, Cengage Learning, 2011. ISBN 978-111-1832-278
    doporučená literatura
  • POWELL, Mark. Dynamic presentations. 1. publ. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press, 2010. ISBN 978-052-1150-040
  • A MOOC Course for individual study: Presentations: Speaking so that People Listen accessible at or via a mobile application version by Coursera.
  • A mobile application for individual study: Business English Pod - English for Presentations available both for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and Android.
  • CARNEGIE, Dale. The Art of Public Speaking: The Original Tool for Improving. Clydesdale Press, 2018, ISBN 978-1945186486
  • CARNEGIE, Dale. Stand and Deliver: How to become a masterful communicator. Simon & Schuster UK, 2011, ISBN 978-0857206763
Výukové metody
Interactive seminars in both types of study (full-time students and part-time students). The explanation of theoretial concepts used in presenting will be immediately followed by practical exercises - individual work, work in pairs, group work. Special focus will be given to the evaluation of students' progress. Multimedia resources (audio sequences and video sequences) will be implemented into the programme of each seminar.
Metody hodnocení
Assessment 1. Mandatory active participation in interactive seminars: 75% full-time students; 50 % part-time students. 2. Apart from the mandatory active participation in the seminars, the students will be asked to prepare and present several presentations (individual, group) on various topics in class, in front of their colleagues, in order to earn the course credit. 3.Additional study requirements: in case the student has the seminar attendance between 40-70 % (full time students), resp. between 4-6 lessons (part-time students) he/she will have to pass PRE-CREDIT TEST in the extent sufficiently proving they have the necessary knowledge and skills for the successful completion of the subject. Only then he/she can prepare his/her presentation to get the CREDITS = Z. Students with a seminar attendance lower than 40 % don't meet the requirements for passing the course and their performance will be assessed as "Failed" = NNN.
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Successful completion of a bachelor's study programme, mastering the target language (both general and professional) at the level of B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
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